Meet the team

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Operational Team

The Litmus Partners have been hand-selected for the experience and wisdom they bring to our organisation.

They all have a minimum of 20 years’ experience gained in operating diverse service contracts at Director level in multiple sectors of the hospitality and FM industries. Quite simply, they use their experience to develop solutions that really work for our clients.

Behind every consultant is the back up of our exceptional support team of financial analysts, research experts, forensic accountants, project support and administration teams that assist them in delivering their projects on time and to stated objectives.

Emma Bailey20220426121419

Emma Bailey

Joe Parfitt20181203135957

Joe Parfitt

Managing Partner, Education
Matthew Agnew20220510080929

Matthew Agnew

Partner, Central Services
Terry Wyldes20210813104615

Terry Wyldes

Senior Consultant
Rachel O’Grady20181203135732

Rachel O’Grady

Senior Consultant
Mike Neales MSc20181203135627

Mike Neales MSc

Senior Consultant
Diana Lishman20181203135526

Diana Lishman

Senior Consultant
Simon Biggs FIH MIWFM20181203135436

Simon Biggs FIH MIWFM

Senior Consultant
Chris Durant20181203135314

Chris Durant

Senior Consultant
Mike Yarnold20181203135301

Mike Yarnold

Senior Consultant
Peter Barber20181203134917

Peter Barber

Senior Consultant
John Brownless20181203134835

John Brownless

Partner, Litmus FM
Mike Iddon20181221093626

Mike Iddon

Partner, Litmus Retail
Caroline Cooper20181221093820

Caroline Cooper

Associate Consultant for Learning & Development
Karl Cundill20181221093841

Karl Cundill

Partner, Litmus FM
Simon Tupper20190704100332

Simon Tupper

Associate Consultant
Alyson Hodgson20201019081126

Alyson Hodgson

Partner Litmus Leisure
Ian Harrison20181221093948

Ian Harrison

Associate Consultant
Graham Saunders20181221094006

Graham Saunders

Associate Consultant
Tim Cookson20190129184512

Tim Cookson

David Griffiths20181221094034

David Griffiths

Associate Consultant
Neil Cook20190829092707

Neil Cook

Associate Consultant
Kate Gould20200814112133

Kate Gould

Senior Consultant
Gerard Horrigan20200925090205

Gerard Horrigan

Associate Consultant
Lucy Gittins20200925091133

Lucy Gittins

Associate Consultant
Dee Cooper20201006091558

Dee Cooper

Associate Consultant
Simon Bailey20201019081815

Simon Bailey

Partner Litmus Leisure
Robert Moffatt20201117103812

Robert Moffatt

Associate Consultant
Paul Cowie20210215085045

Paul Cowie

Senior Consultant
Gordon Boyle20210310094700

Gordon Boyle

Associate Consultant
Becca Stevenson20210317122749

Becca Stevenson

Associate Consultant
Andrew Kyle20210319090133

Andrew Kyle

Senior Consultant
Howard Allen20210524115334

Howard Allen

Senior Consultant

The Litmus HQ Team

We have a very close-knit team of people who work from our headquarters in Camberley, Surrey.

Our central functions, analysis, research, tender management, contract monitoring and new business development are based in modern offices equipped with the latest technology and business software applications.

Management Team

Phil Silva20181203150003

Phil Silva

Finance Director
Katie Foster20181203135644

Katie Foster

Business Development Manager
Kevin Hall20210528071345

Kevin Hall

Partner, Marketing & Communications
Charlie Dallaway20181203135840

Charlie Dallaway

Data Services Manager