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Savvy purchasing

Purchasing decisions have such a big impact on the bottom line.

Where you operate in-house in the private, commercial or public sector, they can make a real difference to your profitability.

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Our goal

We aim to help organisations grow their revenues safe in the knowledge that their purchasing activity is well managed.  Well managed in terms of supplier relationships and product cost. And well managed in terms of maintaining business processes that ensure control and compliance.

How we can help

From sourcing suppliers to a complete review of purchasing strategy, we help organisations develop effective procurement solutions that deliver realistic, achievable and sustainable savings to the bottom line. We work with single sites as well as group operations.

How we do it

We get the set up rightWe offer a series of services and solutions that will make your operations more efficient and cost-effective through better management of your supply chain and internal processes.
We embrace new methodsWe also advocate the use of e-procurement – as such systems have fast become the heartbeat of purchasing, certainly within foodservice environments.
We bring it all togetherA full procure-to-pay solution supports compliance to agreed deals, enables detailed reporting and analysis of spend data, integrates into accounting systems, and indicates where savings may also be achieved.

Purchasing Benchmark Dashboard

When we undertake a purchasing benchmark, we produce a dashboard that sets out the results.

Clients enjoy access to the forensic analysis of their purchasing profiles via a secure portal which allows complete interrogation of the data within a dynamic online environment.  Click or tap on the screen to access a sample dashboard.

Learn how to navigate a Litmus dashboard here.

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Purchasing solutions in more detail...

Please click or tap on the cover of the iBrief opposite to learn more about the wide range of services we are able to provide.

We have found that most services are fully self-financing due to the economies that are usually made available following our collaboration.

Work with us

Our purchasing team has over 50 years of experience in the foodservice and FM sectors. From simple category sourcing to fully integrated purchasing systems, we have the expertise to assist you in reducing your purchase ledger costs.

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