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Maximising Operational & Financial Performance in Retail Settings

We understand the impact your retail outlets have on customer satisfaction levels and sales performance.

Customers expect food & beverage offerings to reflect the standards and trends provided by the high street brands. Our in-depth experience of the retail market enables us to provide insight and recommendations to fully maximise benefits – either by operating in-house branded outlets, making best use of third-party brands or through a combination of both approaches.

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How can we help?

We help you develop the highest quality and commercially-successful retail solutions that your customers want and like.
Our aim is to ensure your retail business is studied, analysed and measured utilising industry-wide operating benchmarks, that help identify bespoke solutions for a range of circumstances.
From proposing improved operating methodologies, identifying potential brand partners or leading a tender management process, we help organisations develop effective retail solutions that deliver realistic and sustainable revenue growth.
We work with single site locations as well as large, multi-site operations.

Retail Services

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Current business and operational performance

A major part of business analysis is an in-depth study of operational performance of existing retail operations in client locations resulting in a detailed report.

This identifies exactly where opportunities for retail revenue growth may lie and the most effective method for accessing sales.

For example, through marketing & merchandising techniques or where operational procedures could be enhanced to enable cost savings and how such improvements could be structured.

Current retail space, additional location potential

Any study of a retail foodservice business would look at where retail locations are situated and why, focusing on if they maximise customer footfall opportunities.

Are they situated in the best place? Analysis of locations, footprint and layout of retail spaces identifies potential portfolio gaps that could be filled with additional fixed locations,as well as mobile and pop-up operations to drive additional sales and margins.

Often it’s the case that a “new pair of eyes” can identify new opportunities that may not yet be maximised.

Brand performance analysis through benchmarking

Understanding how successfully current third-party brands are performing against market trends can be difficult for clients who may not have resources to study the market effectively.

Based on our project experience, we use our extensive database to benchmark key performance metrics and provide insight to support brand portfolio management. This leads to a range of retail options across all categories that allow clients to make the right choices for their locations.

Market testing and tender management of external brands

The optimum mix of external brands to meet customer expectations and drive maximum financial returns is essential.

Our impartial, in-depth knowledge of the market provides insight across all retail categories; coffee, bakery, shops, kiosks and so on. We can also manage the tender process to ensure choice of brands is smoothly implemented.

Consumer insight and research

End-users of any service will always have an opinion regarding the quality and effectiveness of their experience whether at work or in a retail setting.

Understanding needs and expectations are central to continued customer satisfaction. Our consumer insight programmes help find out what matters most to consumers.

Project reports

Work with us

We are ready to help if you have a specific Retail Facilities issue that needs a new solution.  Initially, we can discuss your challenges on a call, and then, if you believe it worthwhile, we would be delighted to arrange to meet up.