Vested Business Model

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What exactly is Vested®?

It’s a new, progressive methodology and business model for creating highly collaborative business relationships.

Why? Traditionally, business relationships between a company and a service provider are focused on win-lose arrangements, where one party benefits at the other’s expense. Vested enable true win-win relationships in which both parties are equally committed to each other’s success. When applied, a Vested approach fosters an environment that sparks innovation, resulting in improved service, reduced costs and value that didn’t exist before — for both parties.

Vested is based on award-winning research conducted by the University of Tennessee College of Business Administration and funded by the U.S. Air Force.

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A Vested approach doesn’t look at ‘what’s in it for me’, it looks at ‘what’s in it for we?’

We're committed to Vested

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The Litmus Partnership is an official licensed partner for Vested.

We work in conjunction with the The University of Tennessee College of Business Administration Vested Faculty and Centres of Excellence around the World to bring Vested to practice. We’re happy to meet over coffee and discuss how a Vested approach could work for your business.

Vested and Litmus - the business model and how it works

What are the benefits of Vested?

Mutual success for bothMore than simply focusing on the success of the deal, Vested commits both the company and the service provider to the success of the overall relationship and each other's overall business.
Stronger partnershipsA more lasting relationship is developed between the company and service provider, through a strengthened sense of partnership using formal relational contracting principles.
Aligning on goalsBy aligning their goals, both parties can drive innovation, adapt to changing needs and mitigate risk while working towards mutual success.