Facilities Management Consultancy

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LitmusFM, our integrated approach to facilities challenges

LitmusFM was created for our clients who have multiple facilities management consultancy needs.

Our facilities management consultants are leading industry experts and practitioners who work alongside you to deliver outstanding hard and soft FM solutions on behalf of your organisation.

Our aim is to reduce wasteful processes and inefficiencies in service design, construction, asset management, maintenance and replacement which will save money and deliver real value.

We realise there is huge potential within any organisation to improve operational FM performance.  Our facilities management consultancy services unlock that potential using our suite of services, audits and inspections supported by over 30 years of FM experience.

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Simplifying Complexity

LitmusFM will provide practical facilities management solutions that achieve value-driven results that protect the future of your real estate investment. We do this by providing in-depth, technical advice on all aspects of operating and maintaining buildings and we continuously seek to optimise service delivery solutions.

Litmus facilities management consultants work in a bespoke, collaborative framework where we listen clearly to our clients, assess their challenges, focus on excellence, identify future options and then jointly select optimal solutions for implementation.

Our aim is to maximise value on behalf of organisations by providing a fully tailored FM consultancy service to help deliver against specific and measurable goals and objectives.

We pride ourselves in providing leading facilities management consultancy, support and procurement and have worked alongside various sectors; including, but not limited to, Education, Business & Industry, Healthcare, Charities, Blue Light and PFI.

Facilities Management Services

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Driving cost efficiency and value for money remains a priority and conducting a review (or our benchmarking solution) provides a proven approach to focusing on the efficiency and quality of combined and individual facilities management services.

The service

The primary objective of our FM consultants is to create a Target Operating Model (TOM) to enable the application of a given facilities management strategy.  This is a high-level representation of how a business can best be organised to deliver and implement an organisation’s facilities and estate strategy more efficiently and effectively.

We embed our team and work with key stakeholders (and the incumbent service provider(s)) to identify real opportunities to improve FM service delivery.


  • Options Appraisal
  • The creation of a new Target Operating Model (TOM) from Options Appraisals
  • Team Skills Review
  • Stakeholder dialogue & research 
  • Reviews would include both hard and soft FM services (except catering, which is an exclusive service)
  • Develop and present a Benchmark Analysis & Assessment

Project reports

Checking the effectiveness of your facilities management services.

The service

Our Premises & Compliance Evaluation (PCE) is a checklist service to ensure that all possible building and service failures are considered and addressed.  A PCE will confirm how buildings and services perform against statutory and current FM benchmarks reflecting UK best practices.

Our specialist facilities management consultants will provide easily actionable information that can be used to identify and prioritise estate strategies for the operational re-delivery of facilities or property management services.

The PCE is objective and measurable, providing a non-judgmental comparison of a building’s facilities, service delivery models, practices and procedures, systems, information availability and overall functionality.

Our focus is to assist and provide specialist hard and soft service support to ensure compliance with legislation and regulations and to meet and exceed performance requirements.


  • Efficiency Review
  • Client Report
  • Recommendations for improvements
  • Implementation of changes

Project reports

Asset Management and Whole Life Surveying Solutions ensure that the right building maintenance and asset management decisions are made as part of an overall property strategy.

The service

Our asset management and lifecycle consultancy services are tailored to meet individual requirements.  Through this approach, we seek to maximise the value of a facility’s mechanical and electrical assets, building fabric, furniture and equipment to improve building and asset performance and sustainability while minimising the risks of increased costs and management time.

We use recognised industry benchmark data and best practice protocols to conduct our surveys and assessments.

Key survey assessments include planned maintenance assessment and coordination, asset verification and condition surveys, lifecycle modelling and whole-life support.

In recent years, we have surveyed and reported on some of the UK’s most complex, large-scale estates, including prestigious universities, multi-academy trusts, hospitals, laboratories and large corporate manufacturing facilities.


  • Creation of detailed asset registers, including asset tagging and comprehensive recording of mechanical & electrical, fabric and furniture & equipment assets within a CAFM software package
  • Statutory & legislative compliance checks
  • Provide lifecycle and whole-life modelling resources to develop detailed 10-20-year asset replacement programmes
  • Implementation of cloud-based asset survey and management systems
  • Full statutory asset compliance audits with recommendations for remedial works based on priority indexing
  • Defect and dilapidation inspections
  • Residual value assessments as part of a whole life approach
  • Comprehensive asset risk analysis, including works planning and programming

We provide detailed, in-depth reports on all property assets, from individual buildings to large, complex portfolios, ensuring that each project output has the right detailed information to support the property strategy of each unique setting.

Project reports

Hard FM keeping tabs on the infrastructure

Getting the best outcome

In the end we help you to get the best commercial, social and environmental solution for a given function over the life of a building. Our aim? To reduce wasteful processes and inefficiencies in asset design, construction, maintenance, and replacement, saving you money and reducing unpredictable costs.

We embed highly experienced and trained Facilities Directors/Managers employed by LitmusFM within your organisation.

The service

We have placed various roles, from project managers to specialist facilities managers and directors.

While permanent contracts still dominate the facilities management industry, interim consultants are an essential resource for organisations recruiting their senior teams or seeking to adapt to a changing environment.

Our interim consultants have been successfully deployed across all industries at group and divisional levels in education, government, private and public sector organisations and across all FM job functions throughout the UK. 

Whether it is a single assignment or an entire project team, we will match skilled professionals with experience in your workplace to meet specific needs. 

Our team of facilities management consultants oversee strategic planning and implementation with confidence and expertise, and we excel in building planning and design, risk management processes, and statutory and regulatory compliance systems, as well as adding value to the procurement process and managing day-to-day building services and operations.

The service is available at a day rate or on a fixed-term/fixed-cost basis for short and long-term projects.

Project reports

Tendering and Supplier Selection

The service

We understand tender management is not always straightforward. Whether a contract or group contract is due to expire, or it’s a first-time tender, every year we help hundreds of businesses and institutions through the challenges of selecting suppliers for facilities management related services.

Our FM consultants our clients in helping them to precisely specify their needs and select appropriate suppliers. We provide the expertise and resources to manage the tendering process.


  • Create tender specification and contract
  • Issue the Invitation to Tender via our own Tender Management System
  • Detailed qualitative and financial evaluation of bids
  • Assist in the interviews with shortlisted bidders, post-tender clarifications and award of contract
  • Monitor the transition of the new contractor

Project reports

Our electronic evaluation solution is designed to track and evaluate the effectiveness of facilities management solutions and how the environment around stakeholders is affected.

The Service

We help to obtain real-time data through deployment of our range of technology services.  Our technology solutions can significantly simplify facilities management by improving the accuracy of data collection and by reducing costs.

Our intelligent technology solutions enable organisations to play a much more predictive, proactive role by providing a clear picture of what’s happening across all buildings or services at any time.  Our sensors can measure thousands of different variables on an ongoing basis – far more than any human (or team) could ever hope to capture manually


We provide a wide range of live metrics on which to base decisions, allowing organisations to focus their efforts effectively in real-time.  

Our services include:

  • Ongoing Monitoring of multiple building-based services and their costs
  • Develop and present regular benchmark reports 
  • Both hard and soft FM services may be reviewed  through sensor tech (except catering, which is an exclusive service)

The end of a PFI project presents complex challenges… and opportunities.

The Service

Our advice and support will ensure an efficient and effective transition process and a successful end to the contract.  It’s not easy, but with our support, it will be a positive change.


We provide genuinely independent, practical, personable, commercial and operational advice to help meet the challenges and assist organisations in the seamless transition of PFI contracts in several ways:

  • Review contract expiry provisions and plan the hand back process.
  • Procuring pre-hand back condition, compliance and validation surveys (either on a unilateral or joint appointment basis), ensuring these are tailored to the specific requirements of individual projects.
  • Develop future service delivery plans, procure service providers/ develop in-house delivery solutions.
  • Managing the transition from the PFI contract to future arrangements (transfer of staff, records, helpdesk/CAFM systems and statutory certification documentation).
  • Facilitating a collaborative approach to mitigate risk and avoid last-minute service interruptions or disputes.

When any service is outsourced, its performance should be closely monitored.  We provide this service to many organisations to ensure services are delivered to agreed specifications and comply with legislation.

The Service

Litmus monitors over 150 monthly contracts to ensure no nasty surprises at the end of each operational period. 

We analyse key areas monthly, including delivery to the required standards, compliance, and performance.  We support clients through regular communication and a survey/audit to validate the service. 

Where variances are identified, we will report back with recommendations for any remedial action.


  • Monitor the supplier’s monthly performance
  • Measuring the performance against statutory compliance
  • Meet quarterly to discuss the successes and challenges of the service provision
  • Make written recommendations regarding any actions which need to be instigated against the findings of our conversations 
  • Provide an annual Premises Compliance Evaluation
  • Make recommendations on any remedial requirements from our findings 
  • Help implement any further necessary improvements/changes 
  • Provide continuous assessment of changes or new statutory requirements 
  • Set up formal monthly discussions with the contractors and supply chain
  • Make recommendations to any skills matrix and training requirements for In-House employees

We understand that managing tenders is not always straightforward. A deep knowledge of the market and the supply chain enables us to identify and recommend the best providers to bid for specific projects.

The Service

Our team of highly skilled facilities management consultants work closely with organisations to identify their specific requirements and select the most suitable suppliers.  Our extensive knowledge and advanced tools allow us to effectively oversee the entire bidding process confidently and efficiently.


  • Create tender specifications and contract
  • Issue the Invitation to Tender via our secure Tender Management System
  • Detailed qualitative and financial evaluation of bids
  • Assist in the interviews with shortlisted bidders, post-tender clarifications and award of contract
  • Monitor the transition of the new contractor

Work with us

Our FM consultants are ready to help if you have a specific Facilities Management issue that needs a new solution.  Initially, we can discuss your challenges on a call, and then, if you believe it worthwhile, we would be delighted to arrange to meet up.