The Litmus Partnership strives to provide a friendly and accessible experience to all users.

We want as many people as possible to be able to access the information on both this site and the systems we build. If at any point you find yourself having difficulty using this site or one of our systems, then please get in touch; we’d love to help you access the information you need and see how to improve our sites in the future.

Recognised limitations

While we have strived to make our site accessible, there are some limitations.

Although we will always aim to communicate in as clear manner as we can, some of our blog posts, due to their technical nature will require a reasonable level of technical understanding.

Where third-party software solutions are used, for example, hosted videos, we will look to use services that provide a more complete accessibility offering, such as closed captioning.

Customising your browser

It’s often helpful to customise your browser to help you make the most of this website and the internet in general. We adhere to the guidance for better web browsing provided by the Web Accessibility Initiative here:

Our technical approach

Where possible we follow the principles given by the W3C in the WCAG 2.0.

We believe these to be the most up to date guidance when it comes to the accessibility of websites and web applications. We regularly audit our site using recognised Accessibility evaluation tools such as those provided by Web AIM

The results of these audits form the basis for technical improvement work on our site, where we strive to improve the experience for all visitors.

Our partners

We provide our clients with a Tender Management system and Reporting sites that are WCAG compliant.

  1. LTMS is built using the Delta e-Sourcing platform which is rated AA for WCAG compliance
  2. Our Consumer Insight Reports are built using Microsoft’s Power BI which has WCAG compliant design tools.