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Smart technology that supports foodservice

Across the various foodservice sectors we work with it’s increasingly apparent that the changes outlets need to put in place now to make them operationally viable in the future are relying more and more on appropriate tech.

Tech allows for online food ordering, touch-free payments and enables online bookings – simple and effective solutions to allow food outlets to operate safely, simply and to start driving revenue. Technologies were already in play pre-pandemic, but have shifted from a nice to have, to a necessity.

Long term changes
We believe these changes are here for the long term. So much so in fact, working with BlueRunner Solutions, we’ve launched Litmus Smart – a range of innovative tech solutions for the hospitality sector.

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Introducing Litmus Smart

Litmus Smart brings affordable and effective tech solutions to the foodservice and hospitality sectors

The range of tech solutions Litmus Smart brings is relevant to every setting. From workplace foodservice outlets, dining areas within Higher Education and school canteens to retail outlets within leisure sites and everything in between.

Our solutions

Litmus Smart Pre-order

Pre-order Click & Collect:

Provides the opportunity for consumers to pre-order their food and drink choices ahead of arrival and then collect them at a designated “click and collect” location at an agreed time.

A menu, complete with allergy information and pricing, can be viewed online and the order confirmed all ahead of time. This gives numerous operational benefits from pre-preparing exact numbers of food items and reducing waste to managing capacity numbers at the food collection points and completely eliminating close human-to-human contact.

More information may be downloaded here.

Litmus Smart Loyalty


A platform that allows promotions to be managed across an app, which gives the ability to segment consumers and allow for targeting to be deployed.

The loyalty app drives sales, increases the average transaction value and encourages repeat purchase.

More information may be downloaded here.

Litmus Smart Booking

Hospitality Bookings:

Shared hospitality spaces such as meeting rooms drive vital revenue for many establishments.

The booking system allows refreshments to be ordered online, with a full menu of options displayed and any orders being able to be charged directly to a department budget code or paid via debit card. This gives full transparency of costs, helps control internal budgets and reduces unnecessary admin – a win-win.

More information may be downloaded here.

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School Meal Ordering:

A mobile-optimised school meal ordering platform that allows parents and carers to order and pay for their children’s school meals simply and easily.

The platform provides a tool that offers full transparency of meal orders and helps to control dietary needs; with a growing number of children with food allergies, this reassures both parents and the school that every precaution is being taken.

The platform will also reduce waste and improve overall efficiencies as well as provide automated debt management tools.

More information may be downloaded here.

Work with us

We are ready to help if you have a specific challenge that needs a tech solution.  Initially, we can discuss your situation on a call or video conference, and then, if you believe it worthwhile, we would be delighted to arrange to meet up.