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Ensuring customer satisfaction

End users of any service will always have an opinion regarding the quality and effectiveness of their experience whether at work, in education or in a healthcare setting.

Understanding needs and expectations are central to continued customer satisfaction.

Our consumer insight programmes help you find out what matters most to your people.  They allow you to really hear what your customers have to say, and the outputs then help you shape service specifications to meet their needs.

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Measuring satisfaction gaps

Too much data can be mind-boggling.  We like to keep things simple and easy.

One way we do this is by calculating the ‘satisfaction gap’.  This identifies, in priority order, which areas of a service has the biggest satisfaction gaps and which are most important to your consumers.  This helps prioritise the remedial actions that will have the biggest impact on improving customer satisfaction and loyalty quickly.

Key outcomes

Identify improvement prioritiesAreas where improvements in performance will produce the greatest gain in consumer satisfaction.
Specific improvement goalsEach can be considered individually, and plans developed to address the issues that require attention.
Financial performance will improveIf changes are implemented that fix shortcomings in consumer satisfaction then the result will invariably be better numbers.
Happy customers are worth moreImplementing changes based on your customers' feedback will result in improved loyalty, retention and spend.

Work with us

We can arrange a survey anytime. To get a completely unbiased and independent assessment of a provider’s performance please get in touch.

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