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Let's transform your foodservices

We take foodservice seriously.  Very seriously.  It’s where we started 25 years ago and it’s still our passion. We enjoy helping to provide outstanding, cost-effective catering offers – be it a single outlet, a reliable hospitality service or a fine dining experience.

We have experts in every sector and we cover the UK completely.

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Consumer insight what you need to know

The key ingredient

It’s important we understand your circumstances. That’s why we start with a comprehensive review, so we know where you’re at – and equally where you need to go.

We then work with you to deliver change.  Change for the better.

We write specifications and contracts, manage tenders, monitor financial and operational performance, deliver design and planning projects and mediate when things are going wrong.

Over the years we have helped thousands of organisations from blue-chip multinationals to single site schools.

Core services

Monitoring & AnalyticsWe forensically analyse, hundreds of actual vs budget outcomes and where there’s a discrepancy from what is expected – we investigate and then we challenge.
Foodservice Tender ManagementEvery year we help hundreds of businesses and institutions through the challenges of selecting suppliers for foodservice and facilities related services.
Reviews, Audits & AssessmentsSometimes it’s difficult to measure how you are doing. We provide service audits and reviews to many organisations and they take several different formats.
Consumer InsightOur consumer insight programmes help you find out what matters most to your people. Hear what your customers have to say, and then shape your service specifications to meet their needs.
Design & PlanningOur foodservice consultants and designers have the experience and expertise to develop solutions that meet today’s catering needs and are also future-proofed for tomorrow.

Work with us

We’ve helped transform foodservice operations in every sector – business, education, healthcare, commercial and leisure. We’re proud of our track record.  Let us help transform your foodservice arrangements. We’re always happy to meet informally over a coffee.

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