Reviews & Audits

How do you measure up?

There’s always room for improvement and sometimes it’s difficult to measure how you are doing.

We provide service audits and reviews to many organisations and they take several different formats.

If you’re not sure how you stack up financially or you need to assess your service strengths and weaknesses, then we can help you understand what needs to be done to realise your objectives.

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Popular Services

Strategic ReviewAn end-to-end operational/business process review and transformation plan which focusses on how services can be re-engineered to meet the future needs of consumers.
Financial AuditIdentifies overcharging, labour irregularities, erroneous charges, purchasing discount retention and reveals the true level of earnings realised by the service provider.
Value for MoneyIndependent verification that you are being charged correctly for services you receive and that they represent true value for money. Identification of areas that need improvement.
Efficiency ReviewA full-service review to examine the quality and delivery of service, systems and processes, as well as identify opportunities to improve services for the end user.
Options AppraisalWe listen, then, following a detailed site visit, we use our experience to set out a variety of options aimed at delivering improvements in cost and quality.


After an audit or review, you can expect improvements in the quality and cost effectiveness of your service – either through a re-negotiated arrangement with your provider or via a market testing project.

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