Multi Academy Trusts

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We understand the issues

We have worked with many multi-academy trusts and they encounter special challenges.

Every year we manage in excess of 150 Public Contract Regulated (formerly OJEU) compliant catering and cleaning tenders on behalf of our clients operating in the public sector.

We work with multi-academy trusts across the country helping to make long term, sustainable changes that transform services including cleaning, catering and facilities management.

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Our focus

We bring a genuine focus on students and staff.  After all, the people are what makes the community.  We have helped schools and academies make effective and financially beneficial choices that ensure such communities become better places to learn because their support services are fit for purpose, successful, popular and reliable.

Special challenges

Economies of scale, parity of contracts and agreements, common key performance indicators and financial reporting all help central costs and overheads to reduce.  Where multiple outlets exist across different geographics, with potentially different needs – it’s a challenge. But there are proven solutions that can be deployed to address the special needs of Multi Academy Trusts.

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Work with us

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