Independent Schools

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Our heartland

We’ve been providing education facilities management and catering consultancy for Independent Schools for over 30 years. It’s one of the first sectors we started in and we are very proud of our track record.

Our facilities management consultants have worked with more than 80 independent schools and understand that each has its own identity. Its own culture. Its own community and its own challenges.

We’re here to help a school flourish by helping to create the best possible support services infrastructure.

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In control

Delivering support services in-house is a common arrangement. However, contracted services have become increasingly popular.  Whichever arrangement exists we’re comfortable because, in the end, it’s the service that matters, not who delivers it.

A home from home

Living somewhere isn’t the same as visiting somewhere. Boarding schools are different, and we have learned that any experience that boosts pupils’ happiness and comfort in a secure environment is central to every school we have worked with.


Great food should be a given, efficient and cost-effective housekeeping, cleaning, grounds and security services the norm.
Our goal is to help schools get the best from their budgets and make time at school a pleasure.

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