Becca Stevenson

Becca Stevenson


During a 25 year career that began in operations and service delivery, Rebecca moved into sales and subsequently procurement roles, before establishing herself in consultancy. With experience at a senior level, both as client and as supplier, she has an appreciation of multiple perspectives and is effective at leveraging the value to ensure both qualitative service benefits, as well as financial quantitative improvements are achieved.

Her work ranges across both public and private sector, from single-site solutions to global strategies. In all of her projects she maintains a focuses on business improvement, change and commercial optimisation.

Her specific expertise includes developing new strategies and design; service review and tender management; managing change to deliver a smooth transition and elevated service proposition. In parallel with this she has a commercial aptitude, that ensures value is properly considered, whether through formal procurement processes, including OJEU (now FTS), or direct negotiation.

She has a track record of collaborating with clients to deliver complex operational programmes, quickly grasping objectives and applying them to ensure stakeholders at all levels are effectively engaged to enable delivery within matrix environments.

Specialist Skills

Some of Becca’s specialist skills include:

Operational Audit
Options Appraisal
Research & Insight
Tender Management
Contract Monitoring
Design & Planning
Strategic review

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