Kate Gould

Kate Gould

Senior Consultant

An Independent Foodservice Consultant with 32 years experience in the Hospitality Industry and a passion for sustainability, Kate has become a leading figure within the sector when it comes to environmental issues with the aim of reducing energy consumption and the carbon footprint across the Industry.

Kate has an in-depth technical knowledge of catering equipment. Her specialism is developing catering equipment replacement strategies projected over the life of the facility, taking into consideration lifecycle costs and long-term capital investment.

She developed the concept for CaterOps, an expert cloud-based software system that produces energy and carbon footprint projections, which enables operators to manage their energy consumption. In the process of doing this she has compiled a vast database of catering equipment which assists clients in specifying which items best suit their operational needs in terms of fit for purpose, meeting capital budgets, reducing overall lifecycle costs and reaching effective timelines for ROI.

Kate is also able to provide strategic solutions based on her design and management experiences both practically and as a consultant. Her operational knowledge, together with her understanding of design and building constraints, gives her a unique lead in the marketplace and makes her a valuable member of any project team.

Having been involved in the development of business cases through to mobilisation of extensive catering refurbishments, Kate also understands the financial challenges of developing smaller businesses.

Kate was a key member of the Catering for a Sustainable Future Group and an author of the CIBSE Guide for Energy Efficiency in Commercial Kitchens. In addition, she represented the FCSI in the development of energy saving and sustainability initiatives and is a member of the Institute of Hospitality and Hospital Caterers Association.

Specialist Skills

Some of Kate’s specialist skills include:

Options Appraisal
Operational Audit
Health and Safety
Asset Management
Design & Planning
Purchasing Solutions

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