Peter Barber

Peter Barber

Senior Consultant

Peter has worked within the hospitality industry in excess of 50 years; as such he might be considered to be our senior statesman. During his career Peter has worked in most facets of the industry starting his broad-church experience in management at a London, West-end Hotel, before gaining insights into the banqueting, conference, healthcare, and industrial & commercial aspects of the industry. Peter has managed operational, sales and design & planning teams during his career within leading companies of his industry.

Peter was a winner of the LV travel award scholarship and used this bursary to travel to the United States to explore alternative management and service systems, in addition to his formal hospitality qualifications Peter is also a post-graduate holder of the Diploma in Management Studies (distinction) and has played significant roles in the development of some of the industries’ management systems.

Specialist Skills

Peter’s specialist skills include:

Tender Management
Contract Monitoring
Operational Audit
Financial Audit

Some of Peter's projects

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