Phil Silva

Phil Silva

Finance Director

Phil has delivered success for businesses in areas as diverse as project management, change management, customer services help desks, contingency planning, Lean Manufacturing, ISO9000 accreditation and web reported business intelligence; added to which he has been responsible for HR and a Finance Director in his career.

He has worked in Banking, Manufacturing and the Food industry and joined Litmus in May 2016 with the aim to deliver innovative use of the company’s rich source of industry data and to manage the changes that will be required to support the continued rapid growth in our client base and our business.

Did you know that…?

When Nat West Bank first introduced touch-sensitive PCs into the branches for customers to buy and sell British Gas shares in the 1980s, Phil was seconded to run the Helpdesk to support this.

He says “It was terrific fun. The staff and customers were all very green about PCs back then so we were tremendously busy dealing with calls that ranged from the simplest of things to the most complex. It was a fast learning curve but I loved the challenge and learnt so much from the experience of leading so many people at such a young age”.

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