Litmus working with DfE on foodservice provision

What needs to happen and what actually happens are often very different.  The time is rapidly approaching when children will return to school and food services will resume in one form or another.

As far as the providers of food services are concerned, and they are no different from any other business, it’s going to be tricky to meet everyone’s needs safely and profitably.

As one of the UK’s most successful specialist foodservice consultancies we have been working with the Department for Education (DfE) to share our market insights and knowledge of the education sector as well as our deep understanding of the commercial models employed by those organisations that provide food services within schools and colleges.

It’s clear that many providers are awaiting clarity. We can’t wait until September for matters to be resolved – that may be too late for some service providers. Things are moving fast and schools, parents and children are looking for reassurance.

We are working hard and helping the DfE to ensure that the solutions they recommend are viable, sensible and the right ones.

Litmus – doing what’s right, when it matters most.