Unpicking Complicated Catering Re-tenders

Paul Cowie, one of our senior consultants based in Scotland, has helped several organisations achieve their strategic goals across their foodservice and hospitality services, including cleaning, security and reception.

As part of this work, he has led many organisations through the re-tendering of their catering services. Which can be an incredibly complex process. Here he shares his top three considerations to help a re-tender process run more smoothly.

  1. Where possible, involving an experienced external consultant will ensure a smooth tendering journey, as well as saving time and money. A crucial partner for any sector – particularly the public sector – a catering consultant will know the specific requirements of a given industry.
  2. Seek the input of stakeholders from the outset, and incorporate their ideas and feedback into the specification. Having to alter the brief midway through will help no one.
  3. Use technology to manage tender responses and streamline the decision-making process. Drawing comparisons between operators isn’t always easy, and digitising the process can simplify it. We work from an interactive dashboard that presents findings, interprets the numbers and provides a detailed analysis in simple terms.


The Litmus Team