Sustainability Milestone: Litmus Achieves Carbon Net Zero

We’ve always been mindful of minimising our impact on the environment, but in 2020 we set the goal to achieve Carbon Net Zero at our Head Office in Camberley by the end of 2023. And we’re pleased and excited to announce that we’ve been successful!

Congratulations to everyone on the Litmus team who have worked so hard to help get us there.

We adopted a top-down approach involving directors, managers and staff to tackle a number of projects to drive us towards that goal; our most recent one being that we’ve partnered with Make It Wild, and are planting trees in Yorkshire. As of December 2023, we’ve offset 40 tonnes of CO2e through planting trees with Make it Wild.

Our other sustainability initiatives have included:

  • Reducing paper: Our investment and training of staff in applications such as PowerBI was a key factor in driving down the amount of hardcopy printing produced for our internal operations and client-facing services. This also had the added benefit of reducing the size and number of printers and copiers we needed within the business, which in turn reduced the amount of toner we used.
  • Energy efficiency: Some of the ‘quiet locations’ in the building are now only lit when in use and we upgraded our IT equipment to more energy efficient models.
  • Recycling: There are various types of recycling bins throughout the offices and our IT partners helped us to recycle and safely dispose of our old IT kit.
  • Educating our people: We invested in the education of our staff as to how we could all play a part in reducing our carbon footprint and, to this day, we still regularly review and assess ideas from staff to further reduce waste, energy consumption and to recycle where possible.
  • ISO14001 accreditation: The interest and passion from our staff to reduce our carbon footprint was such that we successfully achieved ISO14001 accreditation in early 2021, which has been sustained each year since.


Our partnership with Make It Wild means that not only can we offset the remainder of our very low levels of carbon footprint but gives us a partner to work with to make a positive difference to the environment. The trees planted will not only absorb carbon and produce oxygen, they will also support insects, birds and small mammals; contributing to the biodiversity of the area.

Matt Agnew, Partner, Central Services at Litmus Partnership, said: “We’re proud to be a Carbon Net Zero business and our next big goal is to attain B-Corp accreditation, which we are on target to achieve later this year.

“Furthering our sustainability credentials is a priority for us and the partnership with Make it Wild is yet another step forward in our mission. Woodland creation is a great way to bring about an increase in biodiversity.

“We also have some plans to actively get our staff involved in working at some of their locations which will be terrific for further team building days and great fun too.”


The Litmus Team