Update your menu with our plant-based partnership

With over 3.5million vegans in Britain and at least 7 million more identifying as vegetarian, demand for plant-based dishes on menus is increasing. We’ve been working with Chef Andrew Dargue, the man behind gourmet London vegetarian restaurant Vanilla Black. He knows how to create delicious and simple dishes that happen to be plant-based.

With consumers tastes evolving and becoming more sophisticated, many caterers we work with have shared that they find it difficult to create exciting, sustainable, plant-based dishes. Gone are the days that plant-based means bland pasta bakes and jacket potatoes.

With over 30 years’ experience in the foodservice industry, Andrew is well placed to help caterers satisfy the changing tastes of the nation. As part of our service range, we’re offering free half day ‘immersion’ visits to Vanilla Black. Caterers from any sector are welcome – business, industry, education or leisure. In the visit, you will spend time observing, participating – giving you better understanding on how to transform your offering and meet the needs of your consumers.

There is no charge but places are limited. You can read more and register your spot here


The Litmus team