Real Client challenges: overpromising

Dee Cooper of LitmusFM shares her thoughts on the challenges that have emerged between client and suppliers over recent months.

Talking to one of my old clients recently, we got on to the subject of current market challenges. Interestingly, it turned out that one of the biggest challenges facing my contact was suppliers “over promising”. Not so much the expected overselling but more about the structural cuts and redundancies many companies have had to make as a result of COVID.  Now, there just isn’t the workforce or skillsets available to deliver the packages that are (and have been) sold.

Many FM companies have had to make tough decisions and yet, to get back in the game, they are also selling as they were when they were supported by their former workforce. Like all organsiations they are fighting to retain clients and build their businesses.

But clients can be left disappointed and frustrated if they experience delivery delays, lack of focus and insufficient due diligence.

Clients would much rather hear how they will be managed going forward and know about any potential delays in a promised service delivery. Most businesses have been affected by COVID, so there is certainly empathy and understanding around the journey; and no doubt, very similar predicaments being experienced their side as well.  So, if suppliers are open and upfront, the relationship is likely to have far more longevity than if economical with the truth.

We agreed that it’s understood that suppliers need to sell themselves, but having honest and upfront conversations around the issues that need to be overcome leads to far more sustainable relationships being forged now and in the future.

This is typical of the types of conversations we have with many clients. Outside of dedicated projects such as managing tenders, we offer a range of services that help businesses navigate their way through all manner of issues, potential conflicts and practices.

Just some of the matters we’ve been engaged with over recent weeks include:

  • 1-2-1 situation analysis
  • Conflict resolution and conciliation services
  • New, evolving best practice and temporary solutions development
  • Contract re-negotiations
  • Access to specialist facilities-based knowledge
  • Examining the potential to switch to a “Vested®” business partnership

Whatever sector you are in and what your facilities-related challenge is, we would be happy to connect and discuss your situation at a time convenient to you. Click here to contact us.