Litmus Saves Their Clients £300K in Six Months Through Their Monitoring Service

Litmus is proud of its track record in monitoring contractors’ invoicing on behalf of its clients. Many of our clients don’t have time to check the details, and mistakes can go unnoticed.

We monitor 192 clients over 633 sites, and over the past six months, we have made 300 challenges, where we’ve picked up on invoicing errors on behalf of our clients. We have recovered 33 credits at a total value of nearly £330k.

We save our clients hundreds of thousands of pounds every year, sums that would have unlikely been recovered had the monitoring not been in place.

We track and forensically analyse hundreds of actual vs budget outcomes, and where there’s a discrepancy from what is expected, we investigate and challenge. We have also built up a wealth of regional and national benchmarks enabling us to sense check that key financial indicators and ratios are within acceptable ranges.

More than ever, our clients are acutely aware of ensuring they see value in their contracts, and we’re pleased to be able to support them.

To learn more about our monitoring services, please click or tap here.

We have also created a short video that sets out how monitoring can help every type of organisation keep an eye on costs invoiced by their provider.

The Litmus Team