Litmus Hears How Tech Will Play an Increasingly Important Role in Foodservice Across Education

Joe Parfitt, our Education Consultancy Director, and Simon Biggs, Senior Consultant here at Litmus, recently attended a forum, hosted by EP Business in partnership with Zupa, which explored key trends and the role tech is going to play in the education sector in the future.

There were over 20 guests from leading foodservice players and also key consultants, like ourselves, that all contributed to the discussion.

Joe Parfitt said: “It was an incredibly valuable session and was great to connect with other experts in the industry and delve into how tech will shape the education sector in the future.

“We often find ourselves working with education establishments to help them refine their foodservice offering and operation; and tech certainly has a big role to play in this. However, there is so much more to it than just getting the right tech in place. There is a lot of ground work that needs to take place both before the tech is installed, and then afterwards in how the data will be used.

“When choosing tech, it’s important to have a clear plan for what data it will collect and how that data will be used to effect benefits, whether financial or operational, to the organisation, catering staff, and the customer.

“Secondly, you need to get user buy-in for the tech: why you’re introducing it, why it’s necessary and the benefits to all. Training should also be provided to ensure that the quality of data entry dependent on staff input is accurate otherwise the investment will be wasted.”

The Litmus team work hard to keep updated on the latest tech developments and how they can be best utilised to deliver results for the industry.

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The Litmus Team