John Brownless Smashes £100K Fundraising Mark for Prostate Cancer UK

John Brownless, our Partner at LitmusFM, has now smashed the £100k fundraising mark for charity Prostate Cancer UK.

John has raised these funds through hosting golf days that have grown to attract hundreds of people who all attend to enjoy a day of golf but, more importantly, connect with others who have been affected by prostate cancer and learn more about symptoms, early signs and how to get checked.

His most recent golf day event which took place at The Shipley Golf Club, West Yorkshire, in early September, is his main Prostate Cancer UK golf day of the whole year and raised over £14k.

A father to two sons and prostate cancer survivor himself, John is on a mission to raise funds to go towards treatments being developed so if either of his boys, and other future generations of men, face a battle with prostate cancer in their lives they will hopefully not have to face the challenges John has.

To have reached a six-figure fundraising total is an incredible feat, and the money raised will go a long way to funding research to stop prostate cancer.

Figures from Prostate Cancer UK confirm that one in eight men will get prostate cancer. Catching it early is key in increasing chances of being cured. Through awareness raising campaigns, the charity announced that referrals for urological cancers reached an all-time high in March this year, with 24,331 checked in just one month. This is what is needed; men coming forward, getting checked and getting treatment.

We’re humbled and proud of you John. Your work has not only united men up and down the country who have themselves suffered due to this cancer, or know people who have, but the money raised will move mountains in terms of funding for research and treatments.

The Litmus team