Introducing Litmus Smart

The focus for the past three months across the various foodservice sectors we work in including B&I, Commercial & Leisure, Education etc – has been firmly on navigating COVID and prepping for the return to a post-pandemic environment.

What’s become increasingly apparent is that the changes that outlets need to put in place now to make them operationally viable for the immediate return of customers are relying more and more on appropriate tech.

With many of us having enjoyed a meal out at our local restaurants again, it’s clear the common thread across the majority of establishments is the new tech systems that have been installed allowing for online booking, ordering via an app or website and online/touch free payment. It’s all helping businesses get back on their feet, to gain back some stability and to rebuild. And we believe it will continue to promote growth long into the future.

In fact, we believe tech is going to play such a pivotal role in the future that we’ve launched Litmus Smart – which comprises a range of tech solutions for the hospitality sector. This is relevant for workplace eateries, dining areas within Higher Education establishments, school canteens, food outlets within leisure sites and so on.

Some of our Smart solutions and benefits include:

  • Pre-order Click & Collect: Provides the opportunity for consumers to pre-order their food and drink choices ahead of arrival and then collecting them at a designated “click and collect” location at an agreed time. A menu, complete with allergy information and pricing, can be viewed online and the order confirmed all ahead of time. This gives numerous operational benefits from pre-preparing exact numbers of food items and reducing waste to managing capacity numbers at the food collection points and completely eliminating close human-to-human contact.
  • Hospitality bookings: An area many establishments are keen to operate again are the shared hospitality spaces such as meeting rooms. The booking system allows refreshments to be ordered online, with a full menu of options displayed and any orders being able to be charged directly to a department budget code or paid via debit card. This gives full transparency of costs, helps control internal budgets and reduces unnecessary admin – a win win.
  • Loyalty: A specific platform that allows promotions to be managed across an app, which gives the ability to segment consumers and allow for targeting to be easily done. The loyalty offering drive sales, increases the average transaction value and encourages repeat purchase.


To find out more about our Litmus Smart solutions contact us here.

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