Imitation is the Sincerest form of Flattery

Being the UK’s leading consultancy for the support of schools and businesses in managing their tenders, it comes as no surprise that others copy what we do.

Aside from the risks of being in breach of copyright, a more potentially serious risk is that the content within these documents may not be legally compliant, as these things are constantly evolving and updating. Companies that ‘shortcut’ and simply copy information from Litmus documents to create their own templates, forms, notices and contracts means that these documents will quickly be ‘old’ and not comply with current compliance and standards.

As Mike Neales, Director and Senior Consultant at Litmus, commented:

“This practice seems to be on the increase, but organisations need to be aware that such companies and individuals are not investing in the same level of due diligence and legal support as Litmus do every year to ensure documents continue to be legally compliant and which will provide the best levels of protection. We’ve seen recent examples of ‘old’ documentation being used and thankfully we’ve been able to assist those organisations in bringing them back up to date.”

If you need reassurance that the contracts you have in place with your outsourced provider are up to date, or that your recent audits cover all the legal obligations upon you, then our recommendation is to give us a call and we’ll review what you have in place.”

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