Getting the ingredients right for your catering

During the last year caterers have faced a perfect storm of challenges from new regulations such as Natasha’s law to pressure on costs and labour notwithstanding a very different consumer experience.  Unfortunately these challenges are not going to go away with costs still rising and a raft of new legislation scheduled for coming year.

Vat reduction for hospitality and tourism sectors saw a reduction in VAT to 5%, which then increased to 12.5% from 1st October 2021. This will end on 31st March 2022 and VAT will go back to its usual rate of 20%.  The sale of food and drink products that are high in saturated fat, salt and/or sugar (HFSS) will be impacted by new legislation coming in on 1st April 2022 and then there is the Calorie Labelling on Menus for restaurants with more than 250 employees will need to label the calories of each dish on their menus. So many challenges to worry about and challenge your foodservice whilst still having to deliver your core services!

We take catering consultancy seriously. Very seriously. It’s where we started 25 years ago and it’s still our passion. We enjoy providing a wide range of outstanding, cost-effective catering offers – be it a single outlet, a reliable hospitality service or a fine dining experience. So whether its procurement, asset management, deployment of offers regulatory compliance or simply understanding the consumer we can help.

We have foodservice and facilities management experts in every sector and we cover the UK completely.