Educate Norfolk Annual Conference

Our Consultant Amy Baldwin recently attended the Educate Norfolk Annual Conference 2019 – a two day event filled with workshops, speakers and the opportunity to connect with hundreds of leaders within the state school sector in this region.

Education is a sector we’re particularly passionate about – it’s one of the first sectors we started in. In 2017/18 we supported more UK schools than any other consultancy, managing more than 60% of all school-related OJEU tenders for both catering and cleaning services.

We help schools flourish by helping them create the best possible support services infrastructure. This includes catering, Soft FM, Hard FM as well as in-house reviews and tender project management.

Amy made many connections at the Conference and discussed how delegates could reduce costs whilst maintaining (or bettering) the quality of their services to students.  Many took us up on the offer of a free Consumer Insight Programme; which help communities understand the changing needs and expectations of their student body and staff – and therefore where they need to focus efforts and make improvements.

Click or tap on the links if you’d like to find out more about our work in the education sector or our Consumer Insight Programmes.

The Litmus team