Covid-19 – a message to clients, old and new…

Today (28 March 2020) Nigel Forbes, Managing Partner, sent the following message to over two thousand clients of The Litmus Partnership – both current and past.

For the 27 years we have been helping our clients, never has the commercial landscape changed so rapidly.

We are all in uncharted waters.

In our recent discussions with clients, a common belief has emerged – organisations must work together to overcome the challenges that have developed so quickly, whilst focusing on the future success of everyone concerned. Now, more than ever, embracing the principles of collaboration and adopting new ways of working is essential.

The priority across all of our communities is to preserve as much infrastructure and effective process as possible, so that recovery can be swift. Many management teams we work with are looking at ways their organisation can adapt in the short term to promote good relations with business partners who share the goal of recovery.

All that said, conflicts are emerging. Many facilities-based service providers are anxious and worried. Some positions presented to their clients are just not rational and so we wanted to let our past and present clients know that we are here, ready to help in any way we can, to assist in stabilising your services and working towards a positive future.

We believe that we are well placed to do this and below, we have set out how we can help.  We have no intention of abandoning our clients, nor the sectors within which they operate.

In time, “now” will be “then” and we intend to work hard to be in a position to look back.

What we can do…

Along with most organisations, we have re-engineered our business to protect our staff and those we work with. All our teams are now home-based and it’s working well.

Our senior Partners and Consultants are available and would welcome the opportunity to meet online, or by phone, at no cost and with no further obligation, to discuss how we might support your business.

Some of the matters that we have been engaged in over recent days include:

  • 1-2-1 situation analysis
  • Conflict resolution and conciliation services
  • New, evolving best practice and temporary solutions development
  • Forthcoming contract mobilisations –  the options
  • Contract re-negotiations
  • Access to specialist facilities-based knowledge
  • Examining the potential to switch to a “Vested®” business partnership

Whatever sector you are in and whether your challenge is within catering or any facilities-related service, we would be happy to connect and discuss your situation at a time convenient to you.

How to get in touch…

There are a number of ways you can get in touch.

If you would like to invite colleagues to a group discussion, we are able to arrange online meetings  through Microsoft Teams.

We’re here to help.

Stay safe and keep well.