Candice Finn speaks at the ‘Collaboration and Trusted Partnership’ event, with EP Business in Hospitality.

Litmus’ Commercial Director, Candice Finn, spoke at the Collaboration and Trusted Partnership event, hosted by EP Business in Hospitality, on Tuesday 30th January.

Following a period of unprecedented challenges, the hospitality sector – the third largest employer in the UK, raising £54billion in gross tax receipts with the treasury in 2022 – has innovated and evolved at pace. As a result, the traditional way that businesses work with contracted service providers has matured and evolved, with both sides looking for better balance and partnership within working relationships.

The event united suppliers, contractors, client organisations and consultants from across the industry, demonstrating the desire for more collaborative partnerships from all corners of the sector.

Candice Finn, said: “It was a pleasure to be invited to speak at the event. There was a real sense of excitement for what’s to come in the sector following a period of significant M&A activity, new overseas players entering the UK market and the emergence of several boutique catering start-ups – signalling a period of evolution which will provide agility, flexibility, fresh thinking and creativity.

“That said, there is more work needed to raise the profile of the sector to ensure it receives the necessary support and can attract, and retain, talent. In terms of employment, hospitality is only behind wholesale & retail trade and health & social care as the nation’s biggest employers. It’s growing at a rate of 5.9%, which is almost double the rate of the UK economy, so is a major player in terms of the country’s economic growth.

“Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) is a priority for everyone and we discussed the importance of ensuring reporting on green achievements is robust and transparent, to avoid greenwashing. It’s this underlying tone of honesty and trust that is increasingly being seen in the way working relationships are being approached too.

“Consultancies like Litmus play a pivotal role in changing the traditional status quo to bring the client and contractor onto an equal footing – continuing to move away from the ‘master-servant’ dynamic of old, and instead allowing the contractor to operate as a trusted expert. Fostering equitable relationships, where all involved are working towards mutual aims and goals, driven by the needs of the consumer and supported by win-win contractual arrangements, brings reward for everyone.”

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