There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

The Problem

When a school works with a consultancy to help outsource their catering service then, of course, there’s a fee involved.

Worryingly, there have been reports from schools that consultants aren’t transparent in how they are earning their fee and how much schools are being charged. In some cases, consultancies have been disguising their fee so they are seen to offer their services for free, however the school actually ends up paying more, without realising.

For any consultant to suggest that a school won’t have to pay for their service is simply misleading: there is no such thing as a free lunch!

Litmus’ education credentials

  • Education is the sector we started in
  • We have worked with thousands of state and independent schools
  • Every year, we manage in excess of 150 Public Contract Regulated (formerly OJEU) compliant catering and cleaning tenders on behalf of UK schools – more than any other UK consultancy

Knowledge is Power: Lifting the Lid on Fee Models

The main reason consultants can get away with disguising their fees, and ultimately charging more, is because schools aren’t aware of the various fee models and how they work. To help schools, we’re lifting the lid on the different fee models that exist – after all, knowledge is power!

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