Tim Cookson


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Tim Cookson - Chair

Tim has been in the Hospitality Sector since leaving College in 1973. Having worked in Food Services for 26 years and running private businesses, as well as holding main board positions for global PLC’s, he established a number of new companies in 1999.

In 2000 he acquired a consultancy and in 2006 he restructured and rebranded the business as The Litmus Partnership.

When launched, Tim set out the key principles on which Litmus would build and expand the business:

  • To ensure fairness applied to all parties in all negotiations;
  • To build sustainable and realistic solutions;
  • To future-proof recommendations through assessment of the horizon;
  • To challenge tradition and encompass technology; and
  • To utilise transferable innovation regardless of sector.


Tim steered the consultancy, and his other businesses, until 2015 when his main business was sold to Compass PLC.

In 2018 Tim resumed his position of Chair and continues to drive and develop the consultancy whilst working with its senior management and fellow board members.

Tim is a Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality and has served as Trustee and member of its Supervisory Board since 2018.

His focus is to deliver support for the key functions of the business:

  • Strategy & Performance;
  • Risk & Compliance;
  • People & Culture; and
  • Reputation and Reliabilty.