Round Table Discussion: getting ready for re-occupancy

The LitmusFM team are hosting a web-based event this Friday 5 June at 11.15am, to discuss this document which sets out the tasks that must be addressed by schools to ensure FM related compliance with regards re-occupation as we emerge out of lockdown. The session will last 45 mins. 

In any setting, those responsible should seek to:

  • Ensure buildings remain in good order, are accommodating and fit to provide a suitable and safe environment;
  • Deal with building failures that may have occurred promptly and effectively;
  • Manage and procure maintenance works and selected service providers efficiently; and
  • Have planned how to re-instate their premises and assets in readiness for occupancy.

But it’s not only bricks and mortar that matter; you should also consult with your colleague community prior to re-occupation. Insight programmes that seek to ascertain from your community their personal expectations of life after lockdown may be useful as such research will identify any specific worries they may have in respect of their safety and wellbeing.  With such insight to hand, actions can be planned and implemented to minimise their concerns regarding re-occupation.

This is an open invitation to join our free Round Table and Q&A on Zoom with John Brownless and Nigel Forbes of LitmusFM and explore all the FM related requirements that will prepare premises after lockdown.

To register your interest and to receive detailed joining instructions please e-mail or click or tap here to make contact via our online contact form. 

The LitmusFM team