Meeting your people’s needs upon return to their workplace

Under new guidelines, organisations will have more discretion to bring staff back to workplaces from 1 August – with the government’s aim of returning to significant normality in time for Christmas.

This step-change from the current advice of working from home (where possible) means many employers are now under pressure to ensure their workplaces are ready for re-occupancy and safe for their employees to return. For many returning workers, it will be worrying and anxious time – and it’s crucial that employers understand exactly what these concerns are, so they can be addressed and the return to work is made as stress-free as possible.

But how can employee’s needs and expectations be properly understood? We advocate undertaking a research project to consult with your community prior to re-occupation post lockdown.

For many years we have undertaken online insight programmes that find out what matters most to stakeholders.  Undertaking such insight allows the workforce to have their say and be heard.

One key part of our survey technique is around calculating the ‘satisfaction gaps’.  This identifies, in priority order, which aspect of the workplace, facility or service has the biggest satisfaction gaps and which are most important to your people.  This helps prioritise any remedial actions that will have the biggest impact their wellbeing and mental health when they return to their workplace.

We can arrange a survey very quickly.  To learn more about our workplace Insight services then please get in touch.

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