Anglian Learning Trust

Anglian Learning Trust

The Anglian Learning Trust consists of seven schools in Cambridgeshire, which all share the firm belief that successful learning communities are underpinned by ambitious vision, trust and strong inspirational leadership at all levels of the organisation. Through membership of Anglian Learning, these values are reinforced by working with like-minded schools, leaders and teachers, to make a difference to the lives of their young people. They believe that they have a shared responsibility, through support and challenge, to ensure that all of their academies offer an outstanding education to all students.

The cleaning contract was successfully awarded in 2018. Each school now receives a bespoke fit-for-purpose solution at best value from the market, at a reduced cost from their previous solution.


The cleaning services for schools within the Trust were previously contracted to different suppliers across the schools or run in-house. Each school was receiving a different level of service, some including periodic work, some with the perception of too many hours delivered and some concerned that they did not have a robust enough service with too few hours being delivered.

The Trust’s main objective was to test the market to secure a fit-for-purpose, best value solution for their cleaning services, across all schools. The focus was on improving service delivery, achieving consistency across the Trust, transparency of financials and cost reduction.


Litmus’ objectives were to:

  1. Manage the entire tender process in line with OJEU procedures;
  2. Understand the current cleaning solution at each school and assess this against the actual requirement, going forwards;
  3. Develop a bespoke cleaning specification for each school, ensuring the cleaning solution going forwards was fit-for-purpose;
  4. Provide a forum for raising issues and facilitate problem solving;
  5. Act as a consultative body for Headteachers and other stakeholders ;
  6. Ensure best value was achieved; and
  7. After the tender, provide ongoing dedicated monitoring of the contracted service to ensure compliance with the contract.


Rachel O’Grady, the Litmus Partnership, said: “We started by creating the tender specification and appropriate contract, ensuring we captured all school’s specific parameters. We then identified suitable bidders, via OJEU-compliant selection process.

“Once the bidder’s submissions were received, we executed a detailed, objective financial evaluation via our LTMS electronic portal – identifying anomalies and errors and providing a concise ‘user friendly’ like-for-like comparison of the bids.

“Once a shortlist had been chosen, we hosted presentations together with stakeholders from the Trust, which gave the opportunity to ask questions from each bidder and understand exactly what they could provide.”


The cleaning contract was successfully awarded in 2018, where the start of the new contract was staggered across the schools to encompass differing contract end dates with previous incumbent suppliers. The new contract provides stronger, more effective management of the services and consistency across the Trust. Each school now receives a bespoke fit-for-purpose solution at best value from the market, at a reduced cost from their previous solution.

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“As each school had different arrangements in place, either with their in-house team or previous supplier, it was important that each contractual end date was honoured. We’re still working with the Trust now and monitoring the contract.”

Rachel O’Grady, the Litmus Partnership