Supply chain challenges post Brexit and COVID?

As we continue to navigate and adapt to the governments’ roadmaps to reopening, we’re facing many challenges and for schools this includes supply chain.

We know that because of Brexit and Covid-19, we’re facing a nationwide shortage of HGV drivers, which is putting a strain on everyone.  With drivers who have been furloughed not returning to roles and Brexit resulting in many European drivers not remaining in the UK, this is stretching resources and systems. The driver shortage has also been exasperated by the 1000’s of cancelled driving tests during COVID, all of which is creating a host of problems for organisations, with the army even being put on standby.  Deliveries are taking days longer or even being postponed, which in some cases has resulted in empty plates!  This is creating fluctuating prices, almost continuous tariff reviews, and short product life for fresh produce resulting in potentially higher waste.

Couple with this, inflation which is seeing month on month increases of almost 5%* or meeting the requirements of Natasha’s law which comes into effect in October this year, it is becoming very clear that your supplier relationships and performance are critical to your own success.

With our supply partners network and relationships, market understanding and specialist and well-proven systems and processes, Litmus Partners know that for any organisation that is struggling with their suppliers or just not sure what to do, we can certainly help.

Litmus Partnership will work with you to understand your needs and manage the challenges.  We’ll ensure you get the service levels you’re paying for, and the right products, at the right price, when you need them, keeping your customers happy.  We’ll also help ensure that you are compliant with legislation and that the prices you are paying are benchmarked and competitive. So in short we’ll give you piece of mind and best value.

Please get in touch if you’d like to hear how we may be able to help you.

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*By Chauncey Alcorn, CNN Business Updated 2116 GMT (0516 HKT) June 4, 2021