Young Epilepsy

Young Epilepsy

Young Epilepsy is the only UK charity dedicated to creating better lives for children and young people with epilepsy and related conditions.

With over 120 years expertise, they provide world class diagnosis, assessment and re-habilitation for children and young people with epilepsy. They also undertake research into the condition and how it can be treated. St Piers School and College provide outstanding, highly specialised education for young people with neurological conditions such as epilepsy. Set in stunning grounds near Lingfield, it offers the  latest facilities to help students grow in confidence and learn independence.

“The LitmusFM Project Manager brought real confidence to the construction project."


Following on from an initial LitmusFM facilities services review of the Young Epilepsy Lingfield facilities, the senior management team requested that LitmusFM provided external Project Management support to co-ordinate and manage their proposed capital works programme, for the refurbishment of special educational needs pupil accommodation blocks to the Young Epilepsy estate.


Our approach was to provide an experienced team that could fully support the proposed refurbishment project, with a remit to specifically undertake the following activities:

  1. Prepare a detailed specification of the proposed project works
  2. Carry out a series of detailed site inspections and surveys
  3. Prepare a comprehensive programme of works
  4. Prepare a long list of approved and vetted local building contractors
  5. Issue a pre-qualification questionnaire to the approved contractors
  6. Evaluate the pre-qualification returns as well as prepare and issue a detailed tender pack for the works
  7. Evaluate the returned tenders and appoint the preferred contractor
  8. Project manage and monitor the works, to achieve the successful completion and handover of each accommodation block
  9. Oversee and manage the decant programme
  10. Co-ordinate regular meetings with all stakeholders, updating on progress and completion against both the tendered costs and project programme
  11. Ensure the refurbished blocks are handed over in line with the agreed programme for completion
  12. Prepare a database of Health and Safety and O and M information and asset schedules for the completed accommodation.


The Young Epilepsy existing condition survey schedules provided a solid basis for the development and production of a schedule of refurbishment works.

There was however a requirement for some additional information to be obtained for the tender, and this was generated from a site inspection and site visits.

A full tender specification was then produced to support the schedule of works packages.

We also arranged for marked-up layout plans to be provided with the tender, which  assisted in ensuring the tenderers understood the layout and the location of the works, and any access/ space restrictions. We then carried out an evaluation to assess the technical requirements for any replacement plant and equipment.  For example, was there a requirement to replace solely with ‘like with like’ or was there a requirement to provide upgrades to the performance and control arrangements.

We then produced the formal tender programme and the project management arrangements. This included supplier selection and the LitmusFM contract management arrangements to support the work packages, which included:

  1. General building works – minor and spot items;
  2. Gas Services – testing of pipework/ replacing where required/ replacement of gas equipment;
  3. A/C unit replacement; and
  4. Specialist works best conducted by specialist service providers – fire alarm panel replacement and lightning protection works.

We provided a Project Manager for a period of 40 weeks to co-ordinate the planning, tendering and construction works.


When we were awarded the works, the programme was already three months overdue. Using our experienced Project Manager, we managed to deliver the tender and construction on time and at the budget specified.

litmus colour blocks

“The LitmusFM Project Manager brought real confidence to the construction project.  This meant we could concentrate on looking after our pupils, which is paramount to us. We now have three beautifully refurbished accommodation blocks, which meet the needs of our children and staff.” 

Director, Young Epilepsy