Rabobank is a financial services provider in the food and agriculture sector serving approximately 10 million customers. It is one of the world’s largest financial institutions with all the rating agencies awarding it a high rating.

When tendering the catering services out, the Litmus Customer Insight platform was used to gain an in-depth view of the importance applied to various aspects of the catering service and key areas for development.


The bank had received its catering services from the same company for many years but it had come to a point that it was felt the catering provision needed a fresh impetuous and needed to be more reflective of today’s consumer needs and eating habits.


From the start the bank set out its objectives very clearly to Litmus – it wanted a tender process that delivered:

  • A caterer which shared the banks’ ethos around food sustainability;
  • A contemporary service that reflected the latest food trends and eating habits;
  • A restaurant environment that was inviting and conducive; and
  • A relationship with its chosen catering partner that promoted continual improvement and a joint determination to deliver ‘best in class’ in terms of quality and value.


Simon Biggs, the Litmus Partnership, said: “When presented with similar briefs, before embarking on the tender process we believe our first task is to gain a much deeper understanding into the levels of customer satisfaction and gauge where gaps exist in the current service provision.

“In this instance, by using our Customer Insight platform, we were able to gain an in-depth view of the importance applied to various aspects of the catering service.  This, in turn, helped form the basis of the Tender Specification, highlighting the key developments for the new catering contract.”


Due to Rabobank’s profile, the tender process involved many of the industry’s leading catering companies and resulted in the appointment of a SME that fully understood and met the client’s brief.

In turn, Litmus’ customer centric approach throughout the tender process led to the bank retaining their services, with Litmus providing ongoing council to monitor the performance of the catering service.

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“We are proud to say our relationship with the bank has now spanned over 10 years and, in that time, we have assisted the bank with successfully tendering its cleaning and security services.”

Simon Biggs, the Litmus Partnership